It is not very surprising that conflict over Palestine-Israel do not find the meeting point yet. “The Holy Land”, home to the Abrahamic religion (Christian, Islam and Judaism) has been the source of conflict and changed hands many times throughout the history; from the Canaanites to the Israelite, Babylonians, Romans, Crusaders, Arabs, Ottoman Turks and British.

The control of the Holy Land is inevitably become an objective for the power holder in order to maintain the power and the influence over the region or even the world. In fact, the world still witnessed and experienced the savage and brutality of an old form of colonisation present in this twenty- first century.

“The pre-eminent obstacle to peace is Israel’s colonization of Palestine”.-Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter, March 10, 2006

The modern phase of the conflict began in the late nineteenth century. At that time, the land of Palestine was a multicultural place which the population inhabited approximately 86 percent Muslim, 10 percent Christian, and 4 percent Jewish. For centuries there was no conflict among them, and lived in peace.

A group of European Jewish, led by Theodore Herzl, organised a political movement, known as ‘Zionist’, one of biblical names for Jerusalem and they represent an extremist minority of the Jewish population. The goal are more sinister and radical rather than only establishing a Jewish homeland in Palestine.

The British had mandate over Palestine from 1920 to 1947, lead to the increasing number of the European Jewish immigrating into “Holy Land”. then, during the WWI, the British made deals to convinced Arab leaders to establish an independent Arab state in the region, including Palestine by encourage to revolt against the Ottoman Empire (which was controlled the Arabian Gulf and allied with Germany). At the same time, the British support the establishment of ‘a Jewish national home in Palestine, and, as a further complication, there was also a deal between Britain and France to carve up the Arab province of the Ottoman Empire and divide control over region.

After the WWII, the waves of European Jews immigrating to Palestine were increased desperately, fleeing the Nazi persecution. Consequently, the waves of violence were also escalated. In 1947, United Nations decided to intervene on the ongoing conflict, which UN recommended to give away 55% of Palestine to Jewish state under considerable Zionist pressure. Despite the European minority Jews represents only about 30% of the land, and owned fewer than 7% of the land. In 1948, the British withdrew from Palestine, which lead to the Israel declaration of Independence.

Israel conquered more land following the “Six Days war”, in 1967, which Israeli forces successfully occupied the heart of the land (Western Wall)-the Gaza Strip and the West Bank.

For over 3 decades, the Palestinian has been living under a military occupation. The people have been without any nation, and have had limited rights, while suffering poverty and paying full taxes. Thousands of Palestinian refugees are prohibited from returning to their homes in the self-described Jewish state (and those within Israel are subjected to systematic discrimination). The humanitarian-crisis is escalated, therefore, the Palestinian refugees who number now millions and constitute the largest and longest suffering refugee population in the world.

The Palestine-Israel conflict seems like a never ending conflict, which every side have their own claim over the places. The Israeli Jews claim to the land based on a promise from God, and also for the need for the safe haven from anti-Semitic in Europe. Although, there are claimed to support European Jewish due to the interest of oil and to ensure an ally is there in the region.  While, the Palestinian claims that they are the rightful inhabitants of the lands because their ancestors have lived there for hundred years.

This ongoing conflict has become such a huge global issue that we really should pay attention. In fact, the mainstream media has been fairly one-sided in reporting the conflict. Hence, a far look at the origin of the conflict and seeing from wider perspectives are necessary to conceal the veil over this boundless conflict. Furthermore, the world needs to find solution in this matter because this conflict is inevitably affecting every single one of us.

“It is time for world conscience to wake up … It is time for the international legitimacy to say to aggressors, ‘Enough military escalation, enough killing and destruction against the Palestinian people’ — who will not be defeated no matter how harsh the aggressors use their destructive arms to kill our people”. -Yasser Arafat


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