How many of us have considerable time to star gazing? The technology may become the reason for us to ignore what is on top of us (the sky), as we constantly looking down on earth. What is the purpose of the sky for the living life in the earth? Somehow whether we realise it or not, the movement of the sky affects our life and the life on the planet.

Most of the time we lived and worked indoors, we are constantly get attached to the available technology such as phone, television and computer for any means of reasons including entertainment that become a phenomenon in human lives. In contrast, ancient civilization uses the sky as their entertainment, a theater, where the sky is clearer and living at night.

We look up our watch to tell the time, and we look at the weather forecast to tell us what to wear today, we look up calendar to tell the day, date and month. We seem to forget the existence of the nature surrounding us. What is it for then?

Maybe we are not ignoring, maybe simply, we do not aware of any means of reasons in losing contact with the natural world.  Maybe we do not know because nobody have told us and teach us, or we just are too blind to see and too numb to feel that our behavior and emotions relate to the nature around us; which congruent to the movement of the sun and the moon and the universe.

Technology is not the only reasons we lost contact with the natural world. Our change in a basic of thinking about the natural world is also affecting our detachment to the natural world.

“As long as you still experience the stars as something ‘above the head’, you lack the eye of knowledge”. Friedrich Nietzsche

Throughout the times, any Great civilizations retrospect the knowledge of the sky and the universe are substantially relevant to human existence lives and arguably presents’ in people’s lives. There are some patterns, rhythms and hierarchy in the sky, which contribute to compel for medium human connection. Ironically, the studying of natural knowledge and learning of astronomy is part of ancient Greeks’ culture.

According to a Modern Cosmologist, “it is almost irresistible for humans to believe that we have some special relation to the universe, that human life is not just a more or less farcical outcome of a chain of accidents reaching back to the first three minutes, but that we were somehow built in from the beginning”.

The notion microcosm and macrocosm were widely spread from time to time. The notion demonstrates that the human body (microcosm) and the universe as a whole (macrocosm) have a considerable similarity in patterns. Therefore, ancient terms that becomes an essential foundation of both metaphysics and philosophy, which is “all is one and interconnected”.  Thus, in fact the stars are part of us. The Reality is found in one single source as a result of the interconnection one with another. Indeed, this notion often relates to the mystical belief, however, science is now confirmed by modern physics.

Surprisingly, Science has shown that the universe is a cosmic brain, which has an alignment pattern of the human brain. The pattern shows a congruent reality that can contribute to the human brain and cosmic brain contact is reasonable. In other words, there is a universe inside human body. In other words, everyone is an island of them self.

Now, look at the sky and look around you. How much do you realise that the universe has an effect to our psychological cycle? Once we can correctly understand ourselves, we can have a correct understanding of the universe. Undoubtedly, we still share the same curiosity and knowledge profound to our ancestors with human ability in receptive healthy skepticism and in gaining knowledge of wisdom.


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